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Welcome to my blog. I hope we can help each other endure the pain of the addiction of a daughter or son.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Puppy Patrol

We have a beautiful, affectionate, sweet sweet puppy that is on my last nerve!  We bought him as we should not have done just after the death of my mother in law. He is a cavalier spaniel that loves to nestle in with us. He is very lovable but he can not hold his business for very long to make it through the night.

This job has somehow inordinately landed on me. Everyone was willing to help and they do help but I am the one constantly spending the majority of time around his pee and poop schedule. There has been trouble in our wigwam over this. Wouldn't it be ironic if we all forgave each other and learned to live a pretty good life in spite of Beth's addiction but split up over a puppy? I would feel perfectly justified in taking him back or finding him a new home but i do love him and he gives me many hours of pleasure just being in the moment watching him. That said, I guess I will set up another schedule and have a family meeting realizing that I am the primary caretaker because I love him now.

Beth called today to get money for the beach. I ignored the call and text. I put her agreed upon amount in the bank on Mon. Wed and Friday. However she has gotten into the habbit of wanting advances on Sun, Tues and Thursday. Tonight I told her no. Mon. Wed and Friday. That is enough of me dealing with her money. I started putting into her savings only account because I did not like her showing up at my house with various and sundry shady characters.

I will go to the Dr. with my 76 year old recently widowed Dad tommorrow. He has some sort of procedure that preceeds a biopsy of the prostrate. He had a high reading. He keeps busy and has always had good health so I hope this is just on of our modern medical scares.

I am so glad to have the time to devote to my Dad and sister. I only wish that I could have retired sooner to be there more for my mom and grandmother. I was just not old enough to start collecting my pension until this summer.


  1. How old is the puppy? They can be hard to train, but it can be done. I adopted a dog last year and assumed she was around 2 years old...she was not housebroken and it was awful. I took her outside and made her stay for about ten minutes. If she didn't go I'd take her out again in another 20 minutes. If she did go, I'd do the happy dance, praise her and give her a treat. It was tedious and frustrating but it eventually sunk into her sweet little doggy brain.

    I hate money issues, I am handling Kev's money now that he sold his car, but he's in jail so it's fairly easy at this point :)

    I hope your dad is okay, let us know!

  2. We got a Cavachon (mom is bishon frise and dad is a cavalier spaniel) puppy just 2 months ago. He is now 6 months old and the sweetest dog. I am like you, his care taker. It was really frustrating at first, and after about 2 weeks I was ready to give up. But I loved him and he soooo cute. I started to crate train him from day one. It was a learning experience. He messed in his crate just once in the very beginning. Now he can stay in the crate for 7 hours over night and does not pee in it. He also knows now that he can only "go" outside. He has not had an accident in about 2 weeks now. I am so proud of him. I can suggest that patience will pay off as it will get easier. We are going through the same thing! Good luck with your puppy (mine is named Jackson). He really is a bundle of joy!

  3. Crate training is a must. So sorry to hear about your dad and the loss of your MIL.