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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Her Car Died!

The Toyota that she paid three thousand dollars for in July just died! It was leaking oil fast, went into a death rattle and just stopped. My mechanic says a rebuilt engine might be the way to go. Yikes........

She was a hysterical mess waiting for the car to be towed away. She was tearful, mean and tapping her feet agitated all at the same time. I think they call this a mixed state. She checked the oil frequently so when the noise started, she did not think it was low on oil and kept driving a short way. Then it stopped.

Funny thing is, when the mechanic confirmed that it is a goner she took it well. I guess the anticipation of this problem bothered her more than the problem itself.

Now, we will see how this situation is resolved.  This is a semi rural area so there is really no public transportation where she live. Busses are few and far between even here in town.


  1. These are the issues that we all deal with on a regular problems, work problems, loved-one problems, etc., I hope that she finds a good resolution that keeps her on sound footing.

    I do really like the calm nature of your post. Happy New Years.

  2. I hope the car issue has a good resolution. We don't have much in public transportation here either so I understand that part of it.

    Happy New Year to you and your family!

  3. Thanks you two. Lisa makes a good point about it being a normal problem. Yeah for normal problems!

  4. I so long for "normal problems!"

    Happy New Year!