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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowed In and Thinking.......

I was snowed in today. It was great to relax, get over my cold, skype with my Colombian girl friend and play on the computer. I had a leasurely breakfast then watched univision for an hour to practice my Spanish. That was followed by the skype call with Colombian friends who were on vacation on a tropical island. It is amazing how skype makes you feel like you are really there. She showed me the hotel pool, courtyard and the beach. Her husband and I exchanged pleasantries. I have known Estelita for over 30 years. She was an exchange student at my house and I was an exchange student at hers. We talked about the visit from Beth's Birth mom. She thinks it is a positive thing.

Beth called today. She said that she had a nice visit wtih Linda. She thinks she is a good person. Beth told her the whole story up front about her addiction and mental illness. Beth said she does not want to have to deal with explaining it later if she should hear it from someone else. That is a very good point as I still can not imagine how she did not hear tell of this. Maybe she did.

Thanks you all for your kind words of support. It seems that Beth and Linda went to her step brother's house for dinner after they left here but for some reason that did not work our and they ended up at Red Lobster.
The following day Linda spent at Beth's apartment and then she went to her mother's before leaving.

I texted Linda that it was good to see her and I was happy that the visit seemed to have gone well. She texted right back saying that she had just arrived and felt the same way.

I asked Beth if she had any of her questions answered. She said she did not ask any questions. She just listened and had decided to let the relationship start from here instead of asking about the past. It sounded right to me.

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  1. Beth sounds very wise. They can amaze us at times can't they? One moment seeming almost fragile, the next having insight and maturity.

    That snow is so pretty! Glad you had a relaxing day!