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Welcome to my blog. I hope we can help each other endure the pain of the addiction of a daughter or son.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Birthday 26 years old

Beth is 26 years old today. The day she was born was the happiest day of my life. She had to go to court today and I had no desire to see her after her latest attempt to tug at my heart and then shake me down for money.

I sent her this text

I remember you. I wait for you to be done with your evil lovers (crack and heroine) and come back home where you belong. Happy Birthday,  I love you.

She replied:  Thanks Mom I love you too.

I was actually relieved that she did not ask to come over or tell me how she is not using.

I cried a lot today. We had 16 good years. She had a happy childhood.

I will follow Lou's advice and post occasionally when the mood hits me. Thanks for letting me share.


  1. Believe it or not, Anna, 26 years old was when my dope fiend started "coming around." Not ready to quit, but thinking...thinking. He was 26 and not a pot to *piss* in, no license, no car, no clothes, no watch, no wallet. He owned not one single item. He even said something to the effect of everyone being so far ahead of him.

    He still had a couple more years in him, but I distinctly remember age 26. It was the beginning of a very, faint light at the end of the tunnel.

    Bless Beth, I hope she felt your forgiving love today.

  2. Awww Anna I'm sorry this day has been so hard on you. I'm glad you texted her...You are still extending a loving hand. Thats what mom's do.

    I am so glad that you are going to keep blogging when you feel like it. I would miss you so much if you left and we didn't hear from you anymore.

    I had a yukky (so sad) text convo with my girl today. I think it all just hits us extra hard around the holidays.


  3. Happy Birthday, Dear Beth. I'm sorry this day is so hard on you, hope you got some comfort from what Lou said and I agree with what Annette said too. This time of year is extra hard (especially with Dec. b-days, Kev just had one too) AND Christmas. I think sometimes just being sad is what we have to do. As long as we don't stay there too long. Thinking of you.

  4. Anna, I hope that Beth will think about what you texted to her and will come back to you as the person you remember. She can do it. The toll that drugs and alcohol take on a body will get harder as she ages. I hope that she will feel that and realize that there is a better way to live. Take care.