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Welcome to my blog. I hope we can help each other endure the pain of the addiction of a daughter or son.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Nurse Jackie

Beth saved an old woman's life last night. She heard the woman get up several times and did not like the way she looked. Beth checked her sugar which was high and her temperature which was normal. Beth woke up G (her patient's son). They continued to keep an eye on Mrs. L. She got agitated and confused with some difficulty in breathing. Beth called 911. The EMT's told them that Mrs. L would not have made it through the night without this intervention.

I think that an important part of recovery is the self worth that comes from helping others. The EMT's and G acknowledged Beth for saving a life. The Dad and I both told her that she had done an amazing and good deed.

Both my mother in law and my mother who recently passed away were nurses. Maybe they are helping Beth channel some of their healing powers. God Bless the nurses and even the nurse Jackies of this world.


  1. Addicts know a lot about people "not looking right." Andrew has done CPR twice, and carried an OD to the nearest ER on foot (oddly enough the car they arrived in had been stolen in the meantime..Ugg, the stories...!)

    But you are right, her actions show humanity and compassion. That is good. The lessons of decency you taught her in her childhood are there. When Beth is ready to change, she will have a solid set of values as a base.

  2. That was a building block in her wall of successes. As they build the wall of success, I think the walls of the past begin to crumble. They will always have the good stuff they have been a part of. Good for her.

  3. I hope she feels good about herself and also feels how rewarding it is to help others and receive appreciation. WAY TO GO, BETH!!!!

  4. I hope Beth feels as proud of herself as we all do.

  5. Getting out of herself to focus on helping others is such an important part of recovery. Hopefully, she feels that intuitively. She seems like a wonderfully compassionate woman.