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Welcome to my blog. I hope we can help each other endure the pain of the addiction of a daughter or son.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Art Still There

We took Beth some of her things from the trunk of her wrecked car. She was happy to see us and the apartment was clean. The dishes were clean, the floor was swept and she had decorated one large wall with a combination of stencils, jewlery and art work. It was actually quite attractive.

She looked very thin but she was walking pretty well. She said that she had enough food but that she was going stir crazy staying in the apartment so much.We had to go to a Dr. appt. for my husband so the conversation was very brief.

I texted her later that maybe it was a good time to take a course since she could not move around much etc. I made some suggestions including the clay college art or music lessons. She said that she would look into it. I would help her with this as I want to encourage any efforts she makes to join the living. I told her the wall looked great and had reminded me of the artist that is still in her.

I started teaching Spanish courses at a University near hear on Wed. It was fun to be called professor and see the students so willing to please and learn. It was a joy and a comfort to see so many healthy young people doing the right things to advance themselves.  Why have I always been able to inspire my students but not Beth? It is a sad irony that I would gladly switch to have inspired just my own loved ones.


  1. Is it really something with artists and addiction? I have heard that over and over again and my son his an artist. It seems that so many POA's that I speak with their children are "artsy" and "depressed". I know artist who are depressed and don't use drugs it is just interesting to me that there seems to be a huge number of artists that are both depressed and addicts.

    It is good to hear that she is walking and feeling better. I pray she continues to get stronger and better.

  2. The artsy stuff and bipolar disorder go hand in hand. For whatever reason the artistic part of the brain, the creative part is enhanced by the chemical imbalance. So many great musicians, actors, artists and the like have been bipolar. My own bp daughter is highly creative both artistically and as a writer.

    Anna- you are doing such a great job sticking to proper boundaries with Beth. And I am so glad you are teaching Spanish, doing things that you enjoy, just for you. You need that! Hopefully one day Beth will break free of her addictions and decide she wants to live life fully.

  3. I believe you inspire by living a moral life, having your actions match your words, and showing kindness and compassion in all things. Inspiration cannot be is ingrained over a child's life. I like to think some find sobriety/sanity eventually because that spark we tried to instill does burn within.

    Look at Beth. When she is able to pull herself out of the darkness, she knows the values you taught. They are there for her to use.