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Welcome to my blog. I hope we can help each other endure the pain of the addiction of a daughter or son.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Hello from Sunny Sunny Florida

Hello my friends. We are here in Florida waiting to settle on our retirement home in a 55+ very active community. The settlement will be tomorrow. This is fun. This is definately helping me let go more. Distance lends itself to distancing. Why is that a surprise?

I was proud of myself today for hooking up the wireless printer and connecting to two separate PC's and an I Pad. Hah...... at first it did not work but then I looked it up on youtube and found a video tutortial. Five minutes later we were online. I highly recomend these youtube tutorials!

What do you say about your addict adult/child when you meet new people?
It would be easier to just not talk about her but we can't seem to do that. We also do not want to lie nor lay all those ugly details out there. We lived in a very small town up North. My husband was a local attorney and I was a high school teacher. Beth's escapades hit the newspapers several times so we have been there and done that as far as having the details out there.

So far, we have said that we have three children. We also say, if asked, that Beth has used her artistic talent to work with pets in her own grooming and pet care business. (She really does a lot of babysitting and grooming of dogs.) Then we say that our boy works in computers and our youngest girl is back in graduate school for speech therapy.

I do not feel particularly comfortable fielding these questions but these early retirees are not nearly as hard to deal with as the parents of kids just going off to college. In fact, many of them really have very little to day about their kids. They are much more interested in their grandkids and the latest activity at the club house!

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  1. You tube videos on car repairs have saved us thousands of dollars over the years. I am amazed at how my husband can do research online and at the very least narrow down the problem so when we do take the car to the shop we don't pay for several hours of diagnostic labor. Or he can figure out how to do the repair himself!

    I never really know what to say....I usually say that we have 4 kids, big brother is a computer programmer, Molly is a student and runner, little one is a kid doing kid things, and our second girl has had a rough road and is trying to find her way.

    I feel like thats honest, but doesn't go into details. People usually get it and don't ask anything more about her.

    I once had some clients who lived in a mobile home park that all the mobile homes faced out onto this lake. They had a little manageable plot of yard to take care of, and Canada geese would come flying in overhead as we all drank coffee and read the paper out on the deck in the morning. I loved that place and while I don't want to live in a mobile home, (my husband jokes, "yeah, you can live in a "yurt" but God forbid you live in a mobile home! lol) it was so nice, it made me look forward to when we can downsize and have less work to do to keep a place up. I think my husband is old enough that we technically could move today....but we still have little one. lol And I of course am still way too young to qualify on my own!