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Welcome to my blog. I hope we can help each other endure the pain of the addiction of a daughter or son.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Could you do me a favor?

Beth texted her father and then me. I heard the phone ring next and saw her boyfriend's name. Since she had not left me a message I did not answer my husband's phone.  Later when he called her back she wanted to talk to me.  She wanted me to send her 10 bucks to get some tampax cause she needs them.

I told her that was not possible cause my Internet banking is down. I would not have done it anyway as I never give her money off schedule. Since I never give her money off schedule why does she keep asking?  Of course it is drug money or she does not have money left from allowance due to drugs. She frequently asks me for money and my usual response is just no. Allowance is Tuesday and that is all there is.

Another strategy is to offer to give her the object she claims to want. Then she has to go right away with an important phone call or something.

The pattern is to create pity for herself or guilt and then follow up with a plea for money.  It took me a long time to catch on. It is the old 1,2, punch. After all.  These years I do not confront her or plead. I just say no and hang up after a quick good bye.  


  1. The positions we get put into are unnatural to a parent, especially a mother. The watching, trying to figure out what their angle is, and not being able to give to the ones we love so much.

  2. Manipulation seems to be what addicts and alcoholics do best. The lies and the deceit are really amazing. Wising up to them is good.