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Welcome to my blog. I hope we can help each other endure the pain of the addiction of a daughter or son.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Beth Plans to Get Out Of Dodge

I got a few texts today from Beth. She tells me she is going to settle her legal matters and fly to Florida to move in with an old boyfriend that she met in rehab. She wants me to make his mother her rep payee. This guy supposedly has rented a studio apartment for them. He will let her borrow his scooter. He has a car and a fat settlement that he got from a terrible accident. He is about 40 years old while she is 25.

The last time they saw each other they were both a lot healthier prior to both of their car accidents. Well. the less I think of it the healthier I am. My other daughter told me today that I need to see a shrink. She says that I have too much anxiety and have a lot of physical symptoms related to the anxiety.

She has a point there. However, I know that the treatment for anxiety is xanax and I do not want to start taking that again. I did it before until I could not sleep with or without it. At that point I tapered down and quit. It took about 3 weeks and it was hard. I do sleep now but I have spasms in my esophogus, and extreme acid reflux. I sleep sitting up.

I got dizzy tonight which I think was low blood sugar not anxiety. I felt much better once I ate some bread with peanut butter and jelley. I have been trying to loose weight and ate a little bit less than I actually needed today.

My youngest daughter is usually sympathetic but today she thought I was dramatic. She wants me to get fixed. She only knows what it feels like to be young and strong. She has never heard a doctor say that this is not curable just something you have to live with and manage.

I feel sort of bad about it. DD2 always admired my strength. Now she sees me weak and weary.


  1. I would say, "I love you honey, and don't forget your sunscreen." But that is just the mood I am in tonight.

    ((HUG)) Anna. I just remember Lou telling me awhile back that my husband deserves a wife and my other kids deserve a mom who is not depressed and obsessing all the time. And lastly that *I* (you) deserve to live a life that is filled with calm and peace and whatever good things I want to fill it with.

  2. I would go to the Social Security office and tell them Beth needs an independent guardian appointed. Yes, a lawyer who will take a cut, and not be swayed by her BS. You know letting anyone she wants handle the money is a mistake, and also that putting YOU in the middle is terrible. The constant nagging about "her money" is a crazy maker!

    In truth Anna, this is an untenable situation, a no win. She may lose the money when someone finds out just how unstable she is. She may be forced into group living. Most likely, she will be audited.

    What to do, what to do? I'm so sorry, I empathize.