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Welcome to my blog. I hope we can help each other endure the pain of the addiction of a daughter or son.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Let IT Flow

We are celebrating my husband's restored ability to pee. He can now walk, sit and bend over much more freely. He went to the urologist and they removed his catheter, pumped him up with water and he was back in business again! FYI ....... this post surgical complication is more common now that hospitals are ordering non latex catheters. They just hurt more to make a bad situation worse.

I spoke to soon about Beth getting to the Suboxone Dr. It seems that she and her ride were late. She called in but the Dr. could not see her. She wanted me to take her tomorrow. She also went on an on some more about a car and told me that she had talked to her neighbors and she is well old enough to handle her own SSI.

I told her that I am swamped right now with her Dad but that I also do not want to cart her back and forth to this particular Dr. because I believe that she is selling the suboxone instead of using it. I asked her not to dispute this with me it is really her business and words will not convince me just a series of clean drug tests. I just want to stay out of this affair. I also explained to her that her age is not why she has a rep payee. She has a rep payee because her mental illness can cause poor judgement and she has both a history of not complying with her pscyh medications and also a history of drug addiction punctuated by periods of short remission. I said, that a judge might change the order if she could establish more extensive sober time. Now I wonder if she told the neighbors that I am mishandling her money.

It is interesting how this drug stuff is supposed to be just her business (alanon) but it has had a tremendous impact on my reputation and standing in this community. Actually, my community seems to be a lot more forgiving than my bad old job was.

We were supposed to leave on vacation on Saturday. That may still happen if DH continues to recover. That is what DH and the urologist say. He is getting stronger each day but I just do not know how he will manage the airplane ride. We will see what he decides and how his recovery proceeds. If he could stand the travel itself then one might as well convaless in Puerto Rico at a seaside resort than here in Cold Cold NJ! Also, praise the Lord that his bathroom skills are pretty much normal today.


  1. Isn't it amazing how gloriously happy someone else's potty routine can make us? I chuckle under my breath every time one of my constipated old people go potty because it makes me so darn happy for them! I think "My gosh, what I have been reduced to that this is such a big deal?!" LOL

    I hope you get to go on your trip....It sounds like a lovely recovery plan for the both of you. You sound like you are making some good and strong decisions in regards to Beth...though I am sure it is wearing you out. ((HUG))

  2. Anna, I'm glad you are updating more, and that DH is doing better. A get away would be perfect. The airlines may do a handicap check in, etc. because it is so dreadful to fly these days.

    It was interesting to me to hear about your students, and their enthusiasm. I'm sure you are a wonderful teacher.

    Beth doesn't get it about the rep payee. Let her "neighbors" handle it...LOL
    And no rides, I agree. You have people who really need your help right now. She has managed thus far. I can't believe how often she calls you!!

  3. Hurray for pee progress! Also I think that Puerto Rico resort is calling your name! I think it would be a wonderful getaway for both of you.

    I'm inspired by how you are relating to Beth. I know its not easy but you're doing a great job of it.