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Welcome to my blog. I hope we can help each other endure the pain of the addiction of a daughter or son.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


I made no attempt to contact Beth. Her old not the boyfriend called me to tell me that she was in jail last night. At about 1 in the afternoon today I got several texts from Beth asking me to release money to her for a car from her SSI money which is practically all gone at this point.

I texted back the following: Heard you were in jail. I would like to know why before reading it in the newspaper.

She texted back that it never happened and wanted to know who said that it did. I did not respond.

A few more unsavory tidbits have come to my attention over the past week. The man who was paying her to watch his Mom while he worked in exchange for buying her a car has not worked a steady job in many years. He was living off his Mom's social security. It is doubtful that he ever bought Beth a car though she still seems to believe that he did.

First, Beth told me that the woman died and she needed to buy her own car so this Man could use the money from the car he bought her to pay his bills. A few days later she told me that the woman had not died.

Beth may actually have been in Jail. She also might have been trying to extort money out of M because he has always loved her. I did not spend much effort this time trying to find out the truth. The more I know the more it seems to hurt me.

So, now what looked like her taking care of a needy old woman currently looks like she just moved in with this guy who lived with his Mom. I still think she did the old woman some good but it remains highly questionable how much these two addicts were giving and how much they were taking from the elderly woman.

On the positive side, after 10 years of this happy horse sht, I did not spend the entire weekend thinking about it. Hubby and I went to a great play at the college on Saturday. These young and healthy, vibrant and talented students gave us a great lift. Today we went to a movie club that I found on We had a lovely evening watching the movie and then talking about it at a casual restaurant. This social group meets about 30 minutes from my home. That was a plus as no one knew us to ask unwanted questions about the stellar success of my children. In fact, we just talked about movies. That was awesome!


  1. The drama is never ending when dealing with addiction. I'm so glad you had some fun activities this weekend! Keep taking care of you.

  2. Glad you are not going to spend any more time trying to figure out the convoluted story.

  3. Sounds like you had a nice week and that's truely the best news.
    Most cities and states have acess to the public records. It's pretty easy to verify if they went to jail or are in jail. When I didn't hear from Emily for long periods of time, I would check there first. I believe it's the clerk of courts.

  4. Anna: You demonstrate by your post that life can continue and that it is okay to feel good and happy about what you are doing in your own life. I'm really happy to see that, and I hope other parents who are struggling realize that you can climb out of the black hole, even when our children won't/can't.

  5. Anna, it sounds good that you decided to focus on yourself and to have a good weekend in spite of the drama with Beth. Good for you.