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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Elder Drama

In the middle of the snow bound day my dear mother in law took a turn for the worse with an extreme bout of dimentia.

She was extremely agitated. She thought that her nurse's aide was trying to kill her and that she had been raped in the middle of the night. She settles down for a few minutes at a time but then returns to yelling, anxious, fearful behavior. She said she was looking for a gun to kill herself.

We are now waiting for the hospice nurse to give her an evaluation to get her to an inpatient hospice unit. She is too much right now for the aide or for us to handle. If that does not work out we will have to call 911 and take her to the hospital. That is inferior as she will wait and wait. Our local hospital is not a big city hospital.

She tried to throw hot coffee at my husband. That really upset him as his mother is such a gentle soul.

Youngest Daughter took the day off work and is sitting with mother in law and caretaker.

Husband is clearing the snow with a couple of guys who knocked on the door. He keeps going back and forth to his mom's house.

I have called 3 doctors, the psych unit, and several friends in medicine before being able to start to get the ball rolling. If i don't hear back from hospice in half an hour I will have to call the doctor once again.


  1. Anna, I am so sorry to read this. I think dementia is one of the hardest things of all for anyone to deal with - its like losing a loved one, but they are still here, and often they are not the same person. Its frustrating that there is not more help readily available to your family! I hope things work out for the best and happen quickly. :(

  2. Thanks Barbara,

    She is in a safe place now.

  3. Anna, that is a hard thing to deal with. I'm sorry for your husband as I know that this must make him sad. Hang in there.