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Welcome to my blog. I hope we can help each other endure the pain of the addiction of a daughter or son.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Homeless Again

DH got a phone call this afternoon. Beth said that she is homeless. I know from experience that once this happens it will be life or death crisis one right after another at maximum three week intervals. DH sounded shaken as opposed to confident. He is confident that I need to be tougher when I take the crisis calls but it is harder on him when he has to take them. I worry about his health in all of this.

DH said what happened to the free programs?  She said her insurance was done, that she checked out the free program and it looked like prison. She would not go there. DH said that she had better check out the homeless centers.

He wanted my list of emergency numbers down there. Here is what I gave him.

West Palm  24 hour per day 7 days a week homeless intake and assessment and drug program: 561-844-6400

Clearwater:  Free admittance halfway house Peachfor House:  1800-448-6448

Royal recovery Resources:  halfway house she can use her own 600 for this:  561-455-2709

Boca:  In Network 30 day followed by out of pocket 60 day rehab at reasonable 3000 per month rate
Alternatives in Treatment 1-800-622-0866

Phoenix House Rhode Island:  401-441-6107  1 year program self pay till she becomes a citizen in about 3 months.

I said to DH.  Tell her she can go to the prison like program for 90 days. If she stays, and wants to continue we will talk about sending her somewhere more luxurious or somehow more to her liking.

She is still calling the shots even when facing homelessness. Probably she has a few situations lined up but they do not live up to the style to which she has become accustomed. Those Florida rehabs are beautiful!

I know that this is very serious and not funny but you either laugh or cry.

Sooo, we are off to celebrate my son's birthday at Olive Garden tonight. We do not intend to tell our other children about this incident. We will not answer our phones during dinner. DH always keeps his phone on at night so that his mom can call.

This is not how responded the first time this happened about 3 years ago. We dropped everything and ran to her aid. We waited by the phone and picked her up to take her from rehab to rehab or back to our house and then rehab again.

We are so tired. Please God  Please let her learn from this crisis without it killing or crippling her for life.



  1. I second your prayer. I hope someway you are able to enjoy the dinner tonight, focus on your son at least for the dinner. My heart goes out to you.

  2. I can relate to the luxurious rehab syndrome.

  3. Darn, I lost my comment to you.

    Basically I said thanks for the comment you left, I did another post, I hope you will look at it, your family and Beth are on my heart right now too. Its so frustrating. I sense your weariness and your worry. Lets just pray she realizes that the 90 day rehab is NOT jail and is a stepping stone to a better place.

    I hope your family has a nice time at Olive Garden celebrating the birthday. God bless you....

  4. I also will say a prayer for Beth, you and your family tonight!

  5. It is good that you can look back and see your own recovery and progress over this 3-year period. I would like to think that if I'm in this position with Bryan again, my boundaries will be strong and my heart will continue to have hope and love for him.

    We all have good in our lives to focus on; and you showed that in your post, because you focused on your son's birthday. So many "casualties" in the world of drug addiction, isn't there? SIGH....

  6. (hugs). It sounds so stressful and for years now. (hugs)

  7. I will pray that she will see that she has to take responsibility for her own life. You have done so much, but you can't change her heart, but you know that. Peace to you.