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Monday, May 17, 2010

Back Troubles

I had to take my husband to the hospital this morning with severe back pain. He was in writhing pain all night and then it got worse. He could not walk in the morning. The EMT's took him in and I fought with the ER doc for a couple of hours until he got the MRI. Another Doctor had authorized this a couple of weeks ago but due to my insurance company delay and some delays in the orthodpedists office nothing happened until the situation escalated. He has numerous other health problems which make him medically fragile. The ER doc was going to send him home to wait a few more weeks but I said I would not and could not physically take home a man who is twice my size who can not walk. I also called the orthodpedist and explained my position asking her to make the MRI stat. She did, and it took all day but it happened. I expect him to be discharged in a few minutes. My younger son and daughter who are in their early twenties took over for me at about 3 pm. That was great as neither my husband or I slept last night.

Beth started taking her meds last night. She did not sleep well either but she was relaxed and reasonably content today. That is unusual for her. I hope we will get another 3 weeks as she just started the prosak last night. Since I am writing it here, I will not forget.

It did my heart good that both Joy and Josh dropped what they were doing and came to sit by their father. They encouraged me to get some rest and I did. Also, I cam home to a clean kitchen. Beth had cleaned the kitchen while I was gone. This was a little glimpse of life as we used to know it.We went back to being a regular family that helped each other out in times of need. We enjoyed each other company on those oh so precious "every days"  that we did not know were to be so fleeting.


  1. I am sorry to hear about your husband. I, too, have a bad back and stress is the worst thing for it. I hope they will give him something to stop the muscle spasms.
    Joy and Josh were angels. Just what you needed. I hope you get a chance to rest.
    It is a good sign that Beth didn't vie for attention when things were so shaky with your husband. This is a healthy start to the week.
    I will keep your family in my thoughts.
    xx kris

  2. Other than your poor husband's back and health this was an uplifting post. Its good to see your family helping each other, especially Beth!

    I feel bad for your husband...back pain is awful. I hope they are able to get him up and running again soon. Keep taking care of yourself.

  3. I hope your husband feels better soon! I also have back I can relate.

    Beth sounds like she is doing well!

  4. I hope they figure out what is causing your husband his back trouble and that it is nothing serious - and of course that he feels relief soon!
    It is good to hear things have been going well with Beth - breathe as far as she is concerned - for now not thinking of tomorrow - and IF anything changes deal with it then - in the meanwhile praise God :) I know easier said than done - but if it works hour by hour - so be it! But just how she cleaned the kitchen makes me smile :)
    As far as the Prozac - mothers know best! - you are smart to be paying attention to it and logging it.
    You're really doing a great job with Beth :) I hope you got some rest and your husband receives positive news.

    Love & hugs!

  5. I'm praying for you, for Beth, for your dear husband and his back pain.... and a prayer of thanksgiving that Joy, Josh and Beth were able to help you in tangible ways! God bless you, every single one!

  6. Thanks you for your support. It is a blessing!

  7. Hi Anna. I am so sorry about your husband's back issues. I had back surgery at the age of 23 because of a herniated disc, and I was misdiagnosed for a year and was in horrible pain. I get the pain. It is awful!

    So Beth is taking her meds. I hope the Prozac doesn't destabilize her. Not many bipolar people can take antidepressants even with mood stabilizers added. So keep an eye on that.

    Have you heard of Teen Challenge? It is an alcohol and drug rehab program for teens and young adults and is all over the US. Check it out at I posted a link on my blog too.

    Praying for you!

  8. Megan,

    What do they take for depression then? Everyone has given her an antidepressant but they do concern me as I see her throw caution to the wind when they are in her system awhile. I did not know that not many bipolar people can tolerate antidepressants! I just knew that by themselves they could cause mania......

    I have called several of the teen challenge organizations in the past. The ones I talked to do not allow any psychiatric meds. Do you know a teen challenge that does allow meds.

    I thought about suggesting this to Beth if she does not want to take meds. At this point she does.

  9. I hope that your husband is better. I have had minor problems with lower back pain, generally due to a pulled muscle. But that is enough to cause me to wince in pain. Good luck with the medications. It seems that there is a long way to go to figure out what works.