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Welcome to my blog. I hope we can help each other endure the pain of the addiction of a daughter or son.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I came home to find Beth and Joy playing Tennis on their Nana's court. Beth had her pink unloader brace on and was not running just stepping. Joy was running all over the court trying to return the balls that Beth kept placing just out of her reach.

They never played together when they were younger. This is a new thing but they were having fun. Beth's knee was visibly swollen when she stopped but she was happy. Last night she started to cry when she told us. "I can't think about sports without crying." This might actually be progress. I always thought it was strange that she never expressed her great loss here. I knew it was a loss for her as she wanted to be a professional but she never talked about it.

Today she was talking about helping out with the girl's high school team. I did encourage her but wonder if they would let her. Probably they would as long as adults were there as well.

We went up to her Nana's art studio which ajoins the tennis court. She looked startled when she saw it and exclaimed, "I could live right here!"  Indeed, I wish she could if only she would behave. It is right next door and I do not want to see any shenanigans that I can't stop. She used to paint up there with her Nana in happier times. They would come out on the deck and watch the tennis players.


  1. What a peaceful post, I think I could live in Nana's art studio too! It sounds so nice!
    So glad things are going well, and thanks for keeping us updated. I think it is progress that she let out that emotion as she confided about sports to you.
    God bless.

  2. Can I move in there if she doesn't? It sounds lovely.

    This post made my heart sounds like progress to me. Grieving the loss of sports and thinking of ways to incorporate it back in her life. I hope she continues to do well!!!!

  3. Beth sounds like she is recognizing what her life could be, and hopefully she will take responsibility to get there. How hopeful this is! I continue to pray for both of you.

  4. just found your blog...and want to tell you...stay strong. Sarah