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Welcome to my blog. I hope we can help each other endure the pain of the addiction of a daughter or son.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Judge Rules in Disability Hearing

Today at 12:30 Beth and her lawyer entered the disability hearing for SSI benefits. There were a judge, two doctors and a vocational specialist there to review her case. The paperwork for her case filled an entire legal brief case. They are huge!

The court psychiatrist ruled that she met criteria for affective disorders. He also ruled that although she had a history of drug abuse, the drug abuse did not cause the mental illness. The mental illness was documented well before the addiction. The medical doctor ruled that her knee was impaired but not incapacitating.

  She was awarded the maximum amount of 700 dollars per month plus medical coverage. Since we filed before her 22nd birthday she will also qualify as an adult disabled child .  That means, that when I die or collect social security she will become eligible to collect some of my benefits as well.

She was rejected three times on the basis of paperwork reviews. This was the first hearing in front of a judge. She never spoke and was in there for about 15 minutes. It could not have gone better. It will now take another 3 months before any money comes through. We owe the lawyer about 6000 dollars which will come out of the settlement. She also has to pay back welfare to the tune of 2000 dollars. They were giving her 200 a month for the past two years.

We are greatful for this help. We will keep her with us as long as possible or as long as she will stay. She was a nervous wreck last night and this morning. She was pacing and voraciously chewing her fingernails. She wanted to go out with friends for the last few days but we said no. Usually no does not matter to her and she will find a way even if it is out the second floor window in the middle of the night. However, she did not go.

I can tell now when she is using heroine because her pupils are little pin prick points. She was not using heroine. She is very social and happy on cocaine so I saw no signs of that either. We will tolerate almost anything short of violence as far as her mental illness is concerned. It is the drug use and all that goes with us that makes us want to keep our distance. Pray for us to let go and pray for her to hang on to her sobriety so that this child of mine can find some peace. Pray for our family to finally feel that we have done our best no matter what else happens.

Thank you for letting me share.


  1. Ohh Anna, I am glad that the courts recognized her needs and is willing to help to meet them. I am sorry for all of the heartache though. As a mom I know this all must be brutal. You are doing a great job.

  2. did you get someone appointed to receive her money for her? because, well, the likelihood is that, you know.

    anyway, i'm glad she got the disability award!!

  3. Anna, I am so happy to hear of this wonderful news! I have been following your posts fir a few months now and I am so happy this has worked out and that Beth seems to be doing well, I know you were worried, understandably so. I will continue to pray for you, Beth and your family. God is good!

  4. YES! This is great news and what a HUGE relief! I am so glad it went well and that all the stress of waiting for this day is behind all of you. I hope she can stay away from those evil horrible drugs.

  5. Anna, I was behind on blogs and just caught up several days with you - first I'm so very happy you had a good Mother's Day with your family! and secondly, I'm so so happy to hear how hard your daughter is trying and that the courts have ruled in her favor and she will have the assistance she needs.

    It is such a long journey to get them the help they need. My hat is off to you and I am truly touched and grateful that progress is being made for your precious girl! Hugs and prayers!

  6. Well, this is fantastic news!!!!! I have recently been through the whole disability hearing debacle as well (not with drug issues but mental and physical disability myself), and it is nothing short of hell. In my state, there is very little in the way of medical assistance available, even when you are awarded full benefits, so I am happy to hear that she got that coverage too! Things are good for today; one day at a time!