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Welcome to my blog. I hope we can help each other endure the pain of the addiction of a daughter or son.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

No to rehab. Yes to skin Dr.

The answer I got to my desparate text asking her to go to rehab was no. Today, she was ready early to go to the skin Dr. Her bruises were covered up and she had on black leggings which covered a lot of her rash. She seemed perfectly, normal which was of course somewhat startling given her demeanor lately.

The dermatologist said it was probably a kind of psoriasis brought on by strep. She gave her a blood test, and 2 biopsies for skin cancer. She wrote a perscription for two steriod creams. Beth has to and wants to go back there in two weeks to get the stitches out.

She showed me the clothes that she bought yesterday minus the shoes. Sooo, she did not return the clothes for drug money as there they were.

She claims (I have heard this 20 times already) that she is getting a car tonight. The  boyfriend owes her a car for taking care of his dyeing mother.

I got a good look at the bruises and they were pretty extensive. She said that she fell of her bike from stopping too fast to avoid a car. They look like they could have been caused this way.

So round and round we go.

Thanks you so much for your support yesterday. I was at a very weak point and it meant a lot to me.


  1. Thank goodness she went to the doctor! The bruises bother me..I can't stand the thought of a woman being abused. I pray she is telling the truth on that one.

  2. I'm glad she went and I hope the bruises are from a bike accident as she says. ((HUG))

  3. Praying, and hoping, for you and your Beth. Glad she went to the doctor - hope she heals quickly from the rash/accident/bruises. Hope too that you get a chance to breathe and do something for you today, and that your heart feels a bit lighter as a result. (Hug!)

  4. I am just catching up here, Anna. I don't like those bruises. Hope that Beth will be okay and that she gets over the rash. Take care of yourself. I know that you are worried.