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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Good Day

     Had a good day today. I met with the head honcho at work. He wants me to help with a special project so he was very nice. He said how I had made real strides with the kids I work with. He says I have helped him understand their needs a lot better. Soooooooo, maybe I will be somewhat valued for my contributions here. It would be nice. And even if they just act nice, well that is half the battle!

I really expected to get blasted at that meeting as test scores were discussed. These kids do poorly on standardized tests under the best of circumstances. There are several areas that we can improve that should lead to improvement. Little things like actual instructional materials, books, and being placed in the proper classes.

See you later!


  1. Glad that it was a good day. Most days are good when I keep an upbeat attitude.

  2. What great news! Nice when the head honcho pays you a compliment... SOOOOO glad your day went well!
    God bless :)

  3. Anna, you sound suspicious of their motives! Maybe they have given you reason to doubt them.

    Anyway, what a great way to end up your career.

  4. Love hearing good news! You deserve the recognition for a job well done and certainly to be treated nice! I think your students have been blessed to have you!