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Welcome to my blog. I hope we can help each other endure the pain of the addiction of a daughter or son.

Friday, March 5, 2010


Well, I am glad that this particular work week is over.  Friday was the first time I sat down for lunch. The rest of the week it was just run run run.  Looking forward to a weekend where I do one thing at a time. No multi-tasking allowed!

Dear Only Son announced today that he might want to study computers at the local college. I hope he does as it seems to his father and I that this would suit him. He does a lot for us in various family businesses whenever we need trouble shooting, set up or installation and do not know how to do it ourselves. DOS is a little afraid of college as he struggled a lot in high school. His ADD was a big issue in high school but he did graduate and pass the high school proficiency test by a wide margin. He has been working for a few years now in retail. He has just turned 23 and is finally understanding that he needs a particular skill.

I am looking forward to having dinner out on Saturday with some teacher friends of mine. We have been doing this for over 20 years. We go out for each others birthdays. The birthday girl gets to pick the restaurant and not pay. We usually pick a restaurant with waiters. It is nice to have men wait on us.It does not happen to us very much on a regular basis. I guess this is part of being from the over 50 crowd.

Hope you all have a good weekend with some adventures and some relaxation.


  1. I'm way behind on reading posts, but I so agree with Syd about not crossing the line at work. A triple amen to that. Your story is a great reminder.

  2. Have a great night out tomorrow night - I want to come :)
    DOS - my youngest (21 yr old) step daughter had a hard time in high school due to a learning disability - she just finished massage school with straight A's! A lot more is in their control if they are determined enough once out of high school.
    AND, a tip from me - I have ADD - and had mediocre grades in high school, failing grades my first year at college (but this was also due to to a lot of drugs) BUT, after Heather was born, I finished my 4 year Bachelor's WITH honors, dean's list EVERY quarter... I had learned a bunch of "tricks" (as I wasn't taking medication back then) I won't name them all, but probably the most important was: sit in the front row center of every class! It reduces distractions between you and the professor/lecture, with ADD like mine, the SLIGHTEST thing could quickly have me on another planet...
    God bless & have a great time out!!!

  3. Let's hope the waiters are very handsome!!! I had to smile at that part of your post :)

    I hope your son chooses to learn about computers!! It sounds like its something he's good at and learning something you enjoy and already know a bit about can be fun. Plus - I love computer technology!

    Glad your workweek is over and hope that next week is more peaceful on your job!