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Welcome to my blog. I hope we can help each other endure the pain of the addiction of a daughter or son.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Yeah Yeah Yeah The Beatles

     I went to a Beatles Tribute Band concert on Sunday afternoon. It was a blast. They played all audience requests. They did not look like the Beatles but the sound was awesome! DD2 came with us. She loves the Beatles as much as we do. My son stayed home because he was not in the mood after just breaking up with his first girlfriend. He said the Beatles are for when you are in love. The Stones are for when you are not.

I saw a friend of ours there. She is a very good, compassionate teacher. Her only child an addict has walked this road for about 6 years now. She is a good role model for me in that she keeps very busy. She also filled her empty house with puppies which I do not have the energy to emulate. It does fill her house with activity and love.
Some of the people in the front of the stadium got the whole crowd up and dancing. My friend was one of the first ones. I thought wow there it is happening. She is dancing with joy. She is at this moment separated from the pain and enjoying the moment. God Bless her and her addict. God Bless you and yours too.


  1. I was grocery shopping in the afternoon today. I noticed I was singing along to the music. It was the Beatles. I don't usually shop in the afternoon, and I don't usually find myself belting out "She loves you, yeah yeah yeah" among the cabbages. I think the afternoon grocery Muzak is geared to my demographic. LOL.

  2. I guess that's why I kept going back to Al-Anon, they had what i wanted. I surprise myself when I find myself nodding my head to the music in Publix, when just three months ago I could barely make it through the store without shedding a tear... waiting at the deli was unusually painful... just standing there hoping not to break down before they gave me my lunch meat!
    Good for you that you got out and did something fun :) You deserve a break!
    I smiled at the mention of the puppies. My 2 little dogs - I can "enable" them all I want!
    Interesting what your son said (about the Stones/Beatles) - I think he might be right! Though I prefer the Stones any day...
    God bless.

  3. I live my life and try to immerse myself in the present moment, but I also let myself feel the pain of my son's situation (I just don't dwell on it). Maybe that is balance. Hope you have a wonderful day today!

  4. I saw Sir Paul in Cleveland about 5 years ago. I have to honestly say it was the high point of my musical life!! Fantastic concert, and although he sent the band out for breaks, he never left the stage in 3 1/2 hours straight.


  5. I am a big Stones fan. But I never thought about the love vs. no love thing. I just dig their bluesy sound.

  6. Hi again,

    It was fun talking to all of you about music as opposed to addiction! syd: I Can't Get NO Satisfaction and If You Can't Be With the One You Love.......Love the ONE Your With are Stones songs that go with not being in love.

    Fractalmom: What an awesome concert you saw with Sir Paul on stage for 3 and one half hours. Knowing that, I will be sure to see him if he is ever around my area!

    Thanks God for music and humor. They keep me alive and reasonably happy. I am glad to hear that all of you are responding to music in a happy way also.