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Welcome to my blog. I hope we can help each other endure the pain of the addiction of a daughter or son.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day Two : Mood 2

If I were to rate Beth's mood on a scale of one to five, today and yesterday were both on the 2 level. Below average at best. When I came home today both Joy and my husband were at their wit's end with Beth. They said leave her alone, she is having a bad day.

Joy told me that she was collecting change!  We have all seen this before and it leads to no good. In the past I would have tried my hardest to keep her at my side through bribery, distraction or straight out confrontation. This time I just asked her if she was ok. She said yes. I said, "you don't look alright babe."  She said, "I just got real mad watching tennis. All those people who still play at 40 and I was ruined by 17. "

What could I say? "Oh, that must be frustrating ." Yes, she said, " I am angry and resentful."  Then she told me she was collecting money for cigarettes. She wanted Joy to take her to the bank to get the change converted and  then get the cigarettes and go to Emily's house.

I took her to the market and bought the cigarettes.We dropped her off at Emilys. Will she be ok?  Will she make her apt. with the public defender tomorrow morning or the gynocologist tomorrow? Will she use the change in her purse for drugs?  She will or she won't. It is not that I do not care. I have just learned to detach. It did not come easy. My attempts to control her always just make her mad.

On the positive side, perhaps, she felt her own frustration and decided to seek the company of a friend. That would be a healthy response. We still need you prayers my friends.


  1. you've got it....I'm praying for her to make healthy choices for herself. I'm thinking of you.

  2. I am hoping for that healthy choice - needing to be with a friend. I think friends can be a great comfort and distraction when we are struggling. Let us know how tomorrow goes.

  3. I'm praying that Beth did the right thing. Keep us posted. It's so hard to detach...but you sound as though you're doing okay with it.

  4. You asked Beth a direct question and she seemed to answer honestly. No walking on eggshells and avoiding like it sounds the rest of the family had reverted to (understandable, considering how hard it is to deal an entire day with Beth's anxiety). Validating her feelings is not always easy, but you are very good at this, Anna. Beth is really struggling and the best thing she can do is have an honest exchange.
    I pray that Beth did the right thing. You'll be in my thought today.
    xx kris

  5. Anna -

    It sounds like you are doing very well handling Beth...I will continue praying!

  6. My attempts to control others not only made them mad but didn't do me any good either. I hope that she makes the right choices.