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Welcome to my blog. I hope we can help each other endure the pain of the addiction of a daughter or son.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Week Five

We are finishing up week five with Beth still at home. She just told me she has a friend on the phone threatening to kill himself. She asked me what to do. I said tell his parents. She said she does not know who they are or where they live. She does not know where he lives either.  ?????  I said.....ask him where he is and we will send the EMT's. He would not say.

I don't even know this boy but I feel sorry for him. He came back from Iraq in distress. Beth does not need this kind of pressure. She already has been having a sad day. She did not sleep well last night from nightmares.

I offered to look up a suicide prevention line or a veterans help line. She said no, texted a few more times and then  continued watching her movie. She said you can not stop someone who wants to kill themselves. She asked him why he told her if he does not want her to do anything about it.

As you know, it was not so long ago that I had the same sort of conversation with Beth. She was threatening to kill herself.

Hubby got an epidural steriod shot today for his back. He is taking it easy enjoying the not being in pain.


  1. That is very stressful. I hope the boy is ok, and your daughter too. My daughter also has trouble sleeping, nightmares etc... Even as a small child she didn't sleep well, but of course the drugs didn't do any good for that. Take Care.

  2. That was a wise statement Beth made because its true - you can't stop someone who wants to do it, and usually when they tell someone they are asking for help. I hope the young man gets the help he needs. I wrote a post in honor of an Iraq Vet that returned home with PTSD on memorial day on my WFIO blog. Very sad that so many who serve our country end up suffering.

    Five weeks! That's great!!!! Glad to hear your husband is pain free (at least for now)

  3. Five weeks is wonderful. And I am glad to hear the epidural is working. Nice for him to have relief for awhile.
    I truly hope that the young man finds help. It's so difficult when we want to do something and there is nothing that we can do. I hope that Beth gets through this ok.

  4. Beth is wise to realize that we cannot stop someone who wants to commit suicide. But, still, it does feel like he was asking for help. It is tragic how these service men's lives are screwed up and our country doesn't bend over backwards to help them reenter their lives. The very lives that our country took from them.
    My daughter took something for nightmares.. . Sleeping med and another med so that when she did sleep she wasn't frightened awake. I relish a good night's sleep. Not being able to sleep is so anxiety provoking. Why is it so hard for our daughters to just get a good night's sleep!?
    The injections in my back lasted up to four months. I am glad they are working for your husband. It is an amazing relief. I had them done once to twice a year until they couldn't get the needle into the arthritic joint. I miss them.
    It doesn't sound like there have been any chaotic episodes with Beth lately. I am happy for you,
    xx kris

  5. I hope that he decided to live and get some help. There is much to live for.