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Welcome to my blog. I hope we can help each other endure the pain of the addiction of a daughter or son.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


It is now 2:51. I have been advocating on behalf of Beth since 10:30 this morning. She has severe pains shooting from her back down her legs. The director of the halfway house wanted her to try a non narcotic strong anti-inflamatory drug called Tradol.

My brother in law who is a Dr. said he would call it in but after 2 hours and several phone calls from Beth and the director of Royal Recovery Resources it still did not happen. I called another Dr who monitored her suboxone. She called in the perscription while we were on the phone.

There was a lot of paper work and faxing to set up the Walgreens with the insurance information. When I called back the director of the half-way house he said that he had just sent her to the hospital. She has now developed a fever with the pain.

This is mysterious. It is not her way to seek drugs like this. Not at all.........  She usually just disappears. I think she is really in pain. Now, I have to call back the Walgreens to make sure they check their email. This is what the nurse told me. She said that Walgreens is notorious about not checking it. Then, I will try to get her on the phone so that she knows.

Thanks to all of you for your comments on my  last post. It is nice to feel heard and not alone. I am here for all of you too!


  1. I will pray for her - the fever is worrisome - I am glad they took her to a hospital.
    Please keep us posted.

  2. You are so sweet, Heather's Mom. We can use all the prayers that we can get.

    Beth calmed down a lot when she got to the hospital. Pain continues in her lower abdomin. They are keeping her and doing cat scan and other tests. I reminded them that she has an IUD. She has also had an Ovarian Cyst burst before.

    Thanks again for your concern.

  3. Sciatica sent me to the hospital this summer, it can be excruciating! But the fever with it...I wonder if its related? I hope she's okay. It sounds like she knows that she is not going to get any "good drugs" so chances are that's not her motive (yet on the other hand, I would put nothing past an addict and think my son has said and done things in hopes to get a dr. to provide him with drugs he KNEW he was not suppose to use.)

    Please let us know what happens!

  4. I agree with Barbara. Sadly, you just never know. Take care of yourself along the way, Anna.

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