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Welcome to my blog. I hope we can help each other endure the pain of the addiction of a daughter or son.

Monday, January 18, 2010


I have not gotten any response from the new treatment center nor from Beth. I expected this. If she thinks I am about to withdraw from her, she withdraws from me first. Letting me hang for a few days or weeks with no word has a tendency to soften me up a bit.

Will the state of Florida give her help if she needs it? Or will her only recourse be the streets?  My help has not saved her from the streets and all that entails. She regularly goes there for drugs.

Is this really a choice?  When I think it is a choice I want to let her go, fend for herself, make a decision.

Or is it that she is just so darn sick and no one has the cure?

I just do not believe that this is the best she can do.  Can't put a few weeks together. There is some element of resistance here from her concious mind!


  1. I would hope the new treatment center would contact you??? Will keep praying for you both.

  2. Its so infuriating and frustrating to sit by and wonder "can they help their choices at this point?" and if they can why do they keep making such bad ones? If they can't help themselves then what is the answer?

    I hope she calls you, and the new treatment center too! Let us know as things progress.

  3. Just pray, trust that God is moving even when you don't see anything change, pray, pray, pray. And live you life while you wait, believing that God's got your back.

  4. Thanks for visiting my frugal blog. I'm part of a recovery blog too.

    I do have that book The Complete Tightwad Gazette. Read it twice but long ago; I just got a new one over a year ago for free.. through Amazon. I think I should read it again..

    And that is my favorite movie.. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. I lent it to someone 8 months ago and did not get it back. i read the book twice loooong ago.

    I love when the police officer tells the mother he wants to court her with the intention of marriage. Beautiful. A real man; but not dominating.. balance.

    The mother did too much scrubbing so of course she changed since she had all the burden...when the sister told her she was lucky she still had what she married and she changed. Of course she changed. She had no choice. :)

    Well I'm in Al-anon and ACOA.. my daughter who is doing great. Hugs about your daughter.. a million hugs and prayers.

  5. I hope that she will decide that she wants to be helped.